CCTV Privacy Notice

CCTV Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice is designed to inform you of the scope of the personal information that the Kerikeri Cruising Club (KCC) collect with its Closed Circuit

Television (CCTV) system and your rights in relation to that information.

Nothing in this Notice limits or excludes your rights under the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993.

KCC has CCTV monitoring and recording capabilities at selected sites.

This includes marina, clubhouse, boatsheds, car parks & driveway. Signage advising of CCTV equipment will give notice of areas covered by such equipment. The purpose of collecting the information The CCTV system supports crime prevention and protects against damage to property.

Security and sharing of your information:

KCC takes all reasonable steps to protect personal information against loss, manipulation, misuse and unauthorised access. KCC has protections against unauthorised access to personal information. KCC may make archived CCTV images available to official government agencies in accordance with principles 10 & 11 of the New Zealand Privacy Act.

The rights that individuals have to access the information

If you are recorded by KCC’s CCTV cameras, you have the right to access that footage and to make any corrections so long as that information relates to you and is reasonably accessible. The length of storage of footage varies between cameras so the information may not be available at the time of your request. You may request confirmation of whether or not KCC holds personal information about you. You may request access to this information. Access will be granted unless one of the grounds for refusal, listed in the New Zealand Privacy Act, applies.

Contact details

Any queries regarding this Privacy Notice should be directed to:

Kerikeri Cruising Club

346 Opito Bay Road


Kerikeri 0294