Goodbye Twisted Fingers

Work is being done on four of the marina fingers on B pier so we can say goodbye to some very twisted fingers. The problem is the original wooden whalers have warpped over time. In the four worst cases the concern is that safety is at risk when using the askew fingers...the answer, flattened them out again by replacing the timbers.

That's not as easy as it sounds. Despite it's wooden appearance, B pier is held together with substaintial amounts of steel from which the wooden whalers need to be extracted. Then replacement whalers (fashioned & fitted) are installed & the whole thing put back together. All the while keeping the finger from 'turning turtle' which they are want to do when you disconnect the steel.


 Twisted Finger Repairs

Go Blair Go

Kerikeri Cruising Club Teams Racing Family Fun Day at Lake Manuwai today Sunday 18th June. Some of us were a bit bleary-eyed, we’d been up at 5am watching Emirates Team NZ & our Kerikeri boy Blair take out the first two races.

 Go Blair DSC 0256